Highest quality products that exceed global standards and customer expectations!

SYMKO is dedicated to its partners, employees and all other stakeholders thru ever-improving processes, products and services. Our goal is to manufacture highest quality products that meet and exceed global standards and customer expectations with being environmental-friendly, energy efficient, sustainable, and human-first mindset while growing quality standarts, improving supply chain network and market share.

SYMKO aims to conduct its business by abiding all the rules and procedures of occupational health and safety. SYMKO supports and commits to below standarts and/or items;

  • All the processes and procedures of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
  • Following all management systems, laws or procedures while continuously improving current processes to reach highest customer expectation.
  • Supporting employees taking active roles within the organization to create and exhibit integrated system management mindset.
  • Providing suitable working environment that meets and exceeds occupational health and safety standards for its employees and their responsibilities.
  • Supporting energy efficient processes and procedures to reduce energy consumpiton per unit manufactured while sustaining quality standards and throughput capacity.
  • Manufacturing considering its current stakeholders, future generations and environment while actively assesing and eliminating potential risks in food and envorimental safety and occupational health to provide its products.
  • Following procedures and training employees to reduce environmental pollution through reduction in waste, rework, and recycling or upcycling process outputs to leave a better world to future generations.
  • Following technological advancements, using new designs and innovative approach to improve efficiency to create more sustainable environment.
  • Working actively on reducing waste in every dimension possible.
  • Caring about environment and its surroundings while considering and making structural investments.
  • Evaluating all active management systems and procedures that established these systems against most up-to-date standards while continuously improving sustainability measures.
  • Providing fair employment standards and following all laws where no employee can be discriminated against race, religion, language, gender, age. SYMKO is against child workforce and follows legally established wage standards.

SYMKO is a company that provides authentic food, respects its employees and environment, supports collaboration and cooperation, follows occupational health and safety standards while aiming to improve community and country wealth and gaining society’s trust. We believe that SYMKO employees are the ones that will make SYMKO reach these targets.

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